My Kindle

I finally crossed one of the things on my list, it is a Kindle.

Just bought it last week after months of craving.

For those who are as nerdy as me, you must know what a Kindle is! It’s an e-book reader designed and marketed by Amazon. Kindle itself generally has two types, the e-ink and color readers. The e-ink ones have display just like the printed books. Otherwise, the color ones have specifications like other tablets, they are capable of storing applications, games, and books.

Now it is my must-have item in the bag! As everyday I commute from my hometown in Bogor to South Jakarta and take approximately 45-minute train trip, I assume this one is my new best friend. I could read during the trip and I feel like I’m a tad productive (productively reading, yeah). But you know, being trapped in the train and nothing you can do sucks. It means I have 1.5 hours wasted everyday, 3 hours in two days, and so on… Why can’t I do something that I love, and it is as simple as reading. And with Kindle, I am faster in finishing my unfinished reading list (yay!).

The e-ink display doesn’t make my eyes easily tired of staring at the screen for a long time. And even better, it is lighter than the printed ones! But still, after having an e-book reader doesn’t mean I abandon my printed books collection. Nothing beats the feeling of buying new books, opening the plastic wrappings, and skimming through the pages. However, during the commute, I choose Kindle because it fits well in my bag. And the printed ones, I save them for the weekends. Sounds fair, huh?

For those who are wondering where did I get the Kindle and are craving to have one, you can visit Click and Drag store in Mangga Dua Mall. This store provides various brands of e-book readers, such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, until Sony. To check the availability of the items, you can contact them first.

Featured image from here.

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