Personalized Book Stamp

I’m in love with my new personal book stamp! It was designed perfectly well with ex libris, a Latin phrase means “from the library of…

It is like giving official possession to all of my books! And well oh well the curvy F initial. If you take a closer look, when I rotate the stamp, the F word (not the “F” as in swear word, but my initial, I mean) could turn into a love symbol. And of course, in the bottom of the stamp, is my full name.

I got it as my (super late) graduation gift from my boyfriend. As my graduation has passed since, what, more than 3 months, I didn’t expect that I would get anything. It was very nice as he designed the stamp himself because I know that he must have been so carefully thoughtful.

And I got it after a super long and quite upsetting day. Getting this little surprise from him brought a smile back to my face 🙂

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